I hear your laugh inside my head all the time

At every synapse

my brain spreads seeds of you

that grow and tangle

with deep roots and strong branches

Proof, after all

that love is nothing more

than beautiful chemical reactions.


Ruas, trens, carros

Macios, de lembranças

Suspiro imediato

Apneia de presenças


Memória quente

Interrompe meu passo

Num segundo ofegante

Vermelho embaraço


Casas, salas, tetos,

Ansiosos, de incertezas

Medos revelados

De internas desavenças


E nos pulmões, a súbita realidade


Into the Wild

Drifting at this sea

A creature from far beyond

Birds and fishes surround me

And I dare not to stare

Inside the water, at the darkness


Not anymore, that sinking urge

Only the infinite horizon

Lit by the skies above

And no less, the unknown


Lost afloat

Clouds in my head, heart, and soul

And suddenly, amidst all the blue

The green wilderness of you


A beautiful island

Looking back in my eyes

A force of nature compelling

Even the course of the tides


Drifting no more, and however

Deep and forever

Into the wild

Shut Up & Write! – A construction worker gets the subconscious transferred into a robot!

I have signed up for Shut Up & Write 30 Days of Writing Challenge! It is an amazing opportunity to develop good writing habits, with really interesting exercises to give your brain a little workout! Check it out here:

Day 3 came with an interesting assignment – pick two numbers for a character and a conflict, and go from there. I thought I was doomed, because I got:

A construction worker gets the subconscious transferred into a robot!


The Faculty of Engineering is the pride and joy of Green Hill University, and probably the reason people know about this town. That is why everyone was so shocked when the news broke about the explosion inside the Department of Robotics. The reasons were unclarified but surprisingly, no one got hurt. Apparently, some student messed up with a few circuits. But who knows what really happens in those facilities…

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A skin is a garden

I have recently taken upon myself to develop a horticulture garden at my parent´s house, which has, for several months, also become my house. We have transferred the first few seedlings in the late autumn, and after months have passed, with continuously rainy days, we have seen our once little plantlets grow large robust leaves. Along with them, came the weeds – those useless, annoyingly persistent plants – as if that little piece of soil belonged to them. It did, in fact, once belonged to them, during the years we have neglected the garden, together with a decent pile of construction debris. Whether it was for a lack of time, patience or willpower, we do not know anymore. It seems as if it all suddenly happened, while we were not looking.

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