Fool of a Heart



My dear heart,

You beat yourself up

To such little odds

You feed up my mind

With these naive thoughts

I don´t know if you deserve

Punishment or reward

For planting seeds

That may never grow

Fool of a heart,

Full of hope

All I see are flowers

Even though

I step on thorns

And still, you try…

Tell me, heart

Are you brave

Or are you just blind?


But I still write

I know it´s pointless.

But I still write.

That´s what I do whenever my chest feels heavy.

Or my throat gets sore.

Writing puts my feelings under control.

Emotions are clothes all over the bedroom floor.

Writing is a loving mother that folds them into a pile.

I do have great emotional needs.

I am trying to find out where the drain is.




At peace


What a pleasant surprise,

This sudden peace

In your absence.

I thank my heart

Who allowed itself

A rest again.

It pumped out

Our damaged pieces

For days on end.

It left my mind

With our beautiful moments

I had almost dismissed.

I don´t long for your presence.

Your absence warms me

As only good experiences can.

As only great memories can.

As only letting go can.

As if you never left.

Too bad you´re not here to see it.